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things to do Pakistan

If you are on a long road trip towards Swat and looking for a point to stop over to get some recovery from exhaustion; that place is surely one of the good choices you would make to add a little momentous to your journey. Along side main Bahrain – Swat road, surrounded by beautiful mountains trail of Hindukush this place actually more than a restaurant. Park your Car, take off the shoes and jump on concrete huts built just along side the river at the back. Staff is as gracious and cordial as generally Swat people are. Well – you don’t have to get idle here while waiting for your food order as there are certain things that you can do meanwhile.

Our bran keep our muscles engaged to cater vehicles movements while driving and that is the reason we start feeling travel fatigue on a road trip. If you are traveling from Lahore or Karachi towards Kalam it looks obvious to get exhausted often so better grab a hut at this place situated at Dadahara Rd, Swat and is about

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Ambiance & environment

Along side the river, surrounded by Hindukhush mountains this place carries archaeological elements like Elum Ghar the highest mountain in region locally known as “Jogiano sar”. That venue was also significant in Hinduism. The mountain has snakes and cobras near the top. There is a local proverb that says, Maar chey zwaan shi nu da elum ghar ta laar shi, which means, When a snake reaches its youth, it goes to Mount Elum. Alexander the Great’s forces faced a tough battle on this site. Marghuzar, said as “green land”, contains green valleys, cold springs that has a 200-year-old colossal chinar tree, which serves as a canopy for visitors.

To reach Marghuzar & Elum Ghar, a day time hiking is required. However, sitting nearby those ancient mountains with a cup of tea in hand is still worth feeling.

River walk

Do not miss to have walk on stones alongside the river, there is a little branch of Swat river at backside of the restaurant with fresh water stream and small rocky stones with no depth. There is a village at far back so not be surprised if some mountain cows arrives to join you. Don’t be worried they are equally friendly as people in Swat :/ Better to get some slippers on instead of walking barefoot to avoid inconvenience however hold your slippers tight otherwise they would love to free themselves to flow with the river. BTW, that happened with me :/ There are couple of fishing spots nearby the river, available for anyone. You can select a point nearby with fishing rod to check your luck. Mine’s luck didn’t work most of the times :/

things to do Pakistan, river view resturant Swat

What to eat ?

Don’t worry if you didn’t manage to grab any fish from the river, this restaurant have multiple of them waiting for your order. They’ve got multiple varieties in fish specially as Fish Seekh Tikka and the one deep fried. Namkeen mutton is also their specialty and they make it awesome. You would be lucky if managed to grab a hut, if there is anyone empty better to walk fast before anyone else approach it. Remove your shoes and use the traditional cross-legs sitting technology to challenge your appetite. Their service staff guys are sweet and courteous and shows no interest to have your TIP rather they prefer to keep their pride, however will accept it with a smile if you want to. Of-course, you would not miss to have a tea after meal, they serve it properly cooked so you feel like a Truck Driver.

Last thing guys, you can relate this if married and have kids with you. This hotel staff is “Jannati” for providing some basic playing options for kids so you can keep the kids engaged while awarding yourself some free moments.

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