Being in Balochistan – by Rosie Gabrielle

This Eid was extra special for us ? Over the course of the last months, my husband and I have been working diligently behind the scenes on helping this family & the community. It’s a big job for just 2 people but if there’s a will, God finds a way. We spent the last few weeks back in Balochistan finalizing some things & I’m so excited to share details soon ? The biggest thing; we are giving HOPE to those who have given up. We are giving LOVE, to those who feel forgotten, & we are providing opportunity to those who were never given a chance.
We had a beautiful pre-Eid celebration with Persana & all the kids from the village ❤️ I decided a wonderful interactive activity I could do for this special occasion was to do mendhi for all the kids! I let them all choose their own designs & they were over the moon excited! None of these children go to school, most from the age of 5 are highly addicted to chewing Tobacco & just sit around all day begging from local tourists. Most forgot how to play or have lost their sense of innocence from a very difficult life. So to gift them this moment of bliss, where we all sat around in laughter, singing songs & connecting, was a moment to truly cherish ❤️
The last time I visited this village was 3 years ago on my own. This time my husband came with me, & having someone who could communicate made all the difference.
We got to hear a lot of stories of what they go through & how life really is for them ?
We did a small medical camp as most of the girls had bad infections from their ear piercings and suffered from bad skin rashes. We called a proper Dr. to come the next day to follow up and treat more serious wounds.
At the end of the day we had a huge feast and discussed ideas on how we could positively make a difference in their life. Providing them ideas and solutions on changing the course of their future, giving them a glimpse of hope ? It’s takes one person to believe in you to make a difference. One seed planted to make a tree & It requires LOVE & light to allow that tree to fully blossom. Plant SEEDS OF LOVE ❤️ Be that love and light in people’s lives and watch them grow ?
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