Fizagat, A Glacier water beach – things to do in Pakistan

Fizagat Swat Things to do Pakistan

On the way to Swat along side Swat River a small stop over point about 7 KM from Mingora city that a traveler would love to park the car to zoom into a unique landscape surrounded by rocky mountains gives a glimpse of beach where large stones are yet to be decomposed into sand. These rocks slowly travel down rivers and streams, constantly breaking down along the way; of-course will take thousand of years.

Experience best of soothing Sounds of Fresh water streams

Imagine dipping your legs into the water that is on its journey from Hindu Kush mountains and drop itself into Kabul river. Carrying a sound of nature instrument that is far soothing for your ears and minds than your home door bell. Sitting on rocky stones along side the river is not even close to a luxury couch placed in your living room. Taking your shoes Off, dipping down your feet into cold ice water would give you a feel as it is giving you a massage.

Fizat water streem

What exactly you can do?

Do not think of this place as a full day activity, rather 34 quality hours would be enough to grab maximum out of Fizagat, Swat.

Tube boat ride

Few local boat rides available here who would take you floating with the river. That boat can carry 5-6 persons with half hour to be spend. That hand-made boat is built of woods supported by rubber tubes. Although to some visitors it look like scary due to water speed and noise however, boat is designed for maximum safety.

Mango party

If traveling in June – July you can sit on rocks along side the river with mangoes in hand. Not a lot of fruit sellers can be spotted in this area so you have buy those on the way just before approaching the location or a little ahead of the Fizagat Park. Do not forget to carry a garbage bag with you to dispose off the waste.

Ideal place for Barbecue

There would be some joyous moments of 2-3 hours if plan self barbecue on the river side. Adding fish or lamp to the menu can give you an amazing combo of savour. Chicken, fish and lamp can be picked up on the way or you can buy it nearby Fizagat Park, there is a little market. Be sure to plan this activity ahead of leaving, you need to carry the accessories.

Fizagat Recreation Park

Not a huge vicinity itself, yet attractive due to its location. Fizagat park is located one kilometer from Mingora, The area surrounding the park outfaces to Swat valley. Pleasant weather, amazing clouds-scapes make it worthy.

Fizagat Park Swat

Where & why to stay

Some good hotels like Burj ul Swat & hotel Parkway are there right in front of Fizagat Park. You can also find tent villages around the park that facilitates the tourists. Stay for a night is recommended as stop over if you are heading towards Kalam and want some rest on long road trip.


Hotel Burj ul Swat

When to visit

This article is written in context of traveling during March-Oct, the ideal time to observe quality time in Fizagat and top things to do Swat. However, for extreme winter season Dec-Feb, this place is not recommended.

Fizagat, Climate winter

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