Top Jimmy Buffett Songs

“All I Want for Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey (1994) Great upbeat Christmas song! This tune has awesome harmonies and great vocals about the holiday season. It gives a good “care-free” Christmas feeling!

Focus on singles, rather than albums, Aim of appealing general audience, rather than some particular culture, Emphasis on technology, recording and production over performing live, Dance encouraging music; it uses rhythm which is dance oriented, Comparatively shorter songs as compared to old classical ones.

In 1985, when Love Not Money was released it contained many songs with deeper meanings such as the top hits Angel which is about child poverty, Ugly Little Dreams is about men’s attitudes to intelligent women and Sean is about the troubles in Northern Ireland. The album was a huge success and reached #10 in the UK album chart.

TR: I know Chet felt that the melody had a special importance in music. In other words, if you could hum with a tune, then there might be something to it.

When I got going, I was pulling instruments out of attics all around town. Someone’s grandmother might have one and they’d bring over this thing that had been in the attic for 30 years. I was a magnet pulling out guitars and banjos from attics.

When you download music, pop is going to be the genre that gives you the most choice. Because pop stands for ‘popular’ it can be made up of just about anything. But we all think of pop as a genre of music that isn’t too serious. The tunes aren’t overly complicated and the lyrics are light. In other words, pop is light music that usually appeals to a wide range of ages. At times pop tunes can be a bit too frivolous and then it’s easy to make of these. But pop groups have contributed to the spirit of an entire generation. You only have to think of golden oldies by Abba and the Beatles. Their popular songs will live forever. In fact, they keep getting more and more popular as time goes by.

Positive lyrics. Self-esteem top 40 songs this week have positive lyrics about what a wonderful person you are. The lyrics should tell you that you are beautiful, that you are loved, that you are appreciated, that you can achieve anything you want or something along those lines. Listening to those words is like a pleasant brainwash – you brainwash yourself that you are a wonderful person. Your feeling of personal worth is built up from the thoughts that you think about yourself. Brainwashing yourself with positive lyrics helps you to put new positive thoughts about yourself into your head, and in this way raise your self-esteem.

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