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A Synopsis of Casino Gambling in Fort Lauderdale Florida

There is no true casino in Fort Lauderdale but luckily there are 3 casinos inside a 100-mile drive. One of those casinos is Your Orleans (3300 S. Dixie Hw). This casino is one of few which offer slot machines using a 55-inch hi-def display. It also has video screens on each of its three floors in addition to on its basement. The other casino is your Silverton (Commerce Street) which was constructed in the late nineteen seventies and still stands today.

A few short miles west of both those casinos will be the latest casinos which were inserted into the Fort Lauderdale area. Even the Parkchester (Parkside) casino is conveniently situated close to all the major transport including I-valley International airport as well as the bus routes. The Arlington (Arlington Plaza) is also in close proximity to all the major employment centers in addition to the shopping malls. The Trolley Park-Stuart House can be centrally located and is near the bus routes and many dining areas. These casinos offer many exciting games of slots, blackjack, roulette, craps and bingo.

If you’ve never been around Fort Lauderdale or do not reside at the Florida region then I advise you to check out my main article on gaming in town. In this article I also touch on the topic of the Casinos at Macau. You are able to read my main article about the Casinos in Macau here. At the end of the column I’ve included a link to a few of my preferred gambling review websites that I use to study online casinos that are online. You may take a look at the website below and read my overview of this internet casino.

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