Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others? Unfold your own tale. Keep traveling until you become a ‘story teller’

Appreciate the moment, appreciate life, appreciate what we have got. People like to complain about many things. We constantly compare ourselves to others and live in other’s people Worlds.
Rizwan Mubeshar

It can be challenging to travel abroad. yet life-changing experience. Once, we are used to; Its ‘Discomforts’ make us to open our minds to variety of cultures and human diversity. The whole new world welcomes us as we land from the plane. Saying goodbye and receive a warm welcome to/by friends on Airports are the moments can be added up to our diaries to be saved for life

I love the  community of travelers that flow from different countries, speak different languages and hold different backgrounds & beliefs. Many of the people we meet throughout our journey will pop into our backpacking adventure for a reason: to show us a new city, to provide company in a new hostel and give us a boost of confidence during a complicated train journey. . The friends you make whilst traveling are the best kind.


There are certain things that I have learned through traveling. Things that can not be taught in academics or at home. Mentioned below are few;

Meet the people, talk to them. They are not strangers; there could be your likely best friends.

They are from different culture and races; yet we can relate with them. Those that travel tend to share a mutual eros for life, zeal to try new things, an open mind and an addiction to learning the unknown. It’s likely that the friends we meet on our travels share that same curiosity and itch. Throughout our lives ‘catch ups’ with these friends are always the best kind – planning another adventurous holiday that your friends at home would never dream of booking, having yet another crazy and impulsive night out, exploring your local city with a mindset of a traveler and in simple turns – making the very most out of life!

Smile at strangers and you just might change a life

I learned to value the people and accept differences

When we travel we free ourselves, to an extent of the past. Our 9 to 5 job, our habits, limitless expectations of what we are to become are left with our friends and family at home. To leaves these things behind and meet new people; this is probably my favorite reason to travel abroad. I truly believe that one has so much to learn from people belonging to different nationalities, cultures and religions, and nothing compares to the feeling of establishing friendships across borders.


I learned to be aware of other personal biases, style, preferences, lens and focus. The importance of diversity in promoting tourism is ranked among the first. It is a given fact that tourists choose a certain destination for its uniqueness, special endowments, peace and serenity. What makes a given destination even more alluring is the customs and traditions of the people inhabiting it. Different people of the world have their own distinct cultures and way of living that set them apart from others. So what could be an ordinary part of daily life for someone, might be a mysterious and awesome sight for someone else. And it is this instinct in people to discover what is different and strange that keeps tourism alive.

Crappy things make us learn, bad experiences are part of journey

Despite what some people may assume, travel is not easy. We are forced to navigate through unknown lands and say yes to things we may have never had the confidence to do. Human beings naturally bond with those that share a similar goal and with those that share the same special moment – whether it be hiking the Falaksar in Pakistan, interacting with Turkish people in local language, speaking English in Thailand, searching for Noodle-free food in China. stumbling upon a hidden beach or finding your way back to the hostel with no google maps and a forgotten address. Together these moments will resonate with the both of you forever.

Ops I forgot; had to tie up my shoe with Ferry pole so I could sleep for a while. Can’t forget a ‘Barren Fort’ like Airbnb in Cappadocia :/

It's alright to be uncomfortable. This is significant to improve ourselves; the confidence.

Long flights, Boarding check-in ques, Airport transfers, hotel checkin, coordinating with Airbnb host for keys and meet up. Looking for your type of food, bus & tram stops all can be hectic but at the same time make us to improve our interactive skills and ultimately immune us to the unseen. These ‘discomforts’ can be eliminated or at-least minimized with right planning. Still left with some variables; let these be there, you will get to learn when get tested.

Travel helped me in stress issues.

Travel gave me an abundance of time to figure out what my anxiety triggers were and how I could either avoid or overcome them in the future.

Travel challenged me to face the things that terrified and intimidated me until I realised they were never as bad as I’d feared.

Know the world's history.

Be calculated while enjoying the food.

Self-cooking can contribute a lot.

Gear up well.

Find out local means of commuting.

Choose your accommodation wisely.

Live the moment and make it a memory