About the ride

For cycling devotees there is something interesting about cycling in Lahore. It's a city which is steeped in the heritage and culture nearly from 1000BC and has just about everything that Urban cyclists need. From narrow old streets, busy city roads, incredible vistas, courteous drivers, Mughal cuisine and of course the ‘Passionate community’

Know your buddies

Generally, these are working people, professionals, sports enthusiast, students who have created a cycling community

You can check with the facebook group linked below for every details and see who are your potential buddies.

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Quick Facts

  • held on monthly / weekly basis
  • Participants: 100~150
  • Distance: 14KM~20KM
  • Location: Lahore
  • Level: moderate
  • Track: City roads / streets
  • Bikes available on rent
  • Advance reservation Required

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meet your friends

There are numerous ways to meet friends who love to ride. Next time you’re out on the trail and see another rider cruising alone, ask if he or she would like to do a lap with you

Share experiences

You will find the people encouraging and friendly having the opportunity to share your experiences makes a better adventure. So, join in, make some friends and let’s all shred together.

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Riding Safety

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Avoid long scarves and billowy skirts or long jackets, which can tangle in the rear wheel or brakes. On bikes without a chainguard, long pants can get caught up in the chain or get oil marks

Pants: If they are not tights, either roll up or tuck the pant leg into a sock on the chain side, or secure with a rip-and-stick strap to prevent the leg from flapping onto the chain

Shoes: No need for cycling shoes. Regular shoes are more versatile.  A grippy sole will help keep your feet on the pedals. If you wear smooth-soled shoes, a strapless pedal toe clip will prevent your feet sliding forward.

Jacket: The discomforts of rain and wind can be lessened with a suitable wind or waterproof jacket. For serious wet weather protection, add rain pants and shoe covers.

As urban cycling becomes more popular, you'll find clothing that blends cycling function with city fashion. Stretchy wind resistant fabric, discrete reflective accents, and hidden roll-up pant tabs help you ride, work and play without looking like a spandex fashion model

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Bike Clothes

Special bike clothing is not required for most urban cycling. A long bike commute may warrant padded cycling shorts, but otherwise you can go with your fashion of choice provided it does not compromise your safety

The Fundamentals – Hand Signals – Hazard Recognition – Tips to Avoid Collisions. This is different to to ride in Lahore

Its Fun

Riding in city with an extremely rich food culture. People from Lahore are famous all over the country for their love for food. The city offers a vast variety of options when it comes to gastronomy. In recent times, the style of food has achieved popularity in a number of different countries, because of its palatable and milder taste, mainly through the Pakistani diaspora

How to get bikes

Bikes and accessories can be obtained on rent from Shahid Cycle Club, Neela Gumbad Lahore. Usually a reference is required to have advance reservation

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