On bike – 1532 KM Daughter with Dad

This father & daughter traveled 1532-kilometres from Karachi to Khunjerab while riding their 150cc motorbike.

Qazi Farooqi, said the longest route they traveled was 720-kilometre-long which took almost a day with non-stop driving, & he questioned her many times if she is getting tired, but she always motivated him to go on.

Qazi said he makes no gender discrimination among his daughter & son. His daughter Ghazal Farooqi started insisting to travel with him after his son went for tour with him last year. Qazi said his daughter can also drive a bike & went to university for 4 years continuously on bike.

My wife will accompany me in the upcoming tour, Qazi said.

If you’re a travel enthusiast, Ghazal Farooqi and her father Qazi Farooqi are your new goals. The father-daughter duo traveled from Karachi to Khunjerab on a motorbike.

It took them 11 days to reach Khunjerab and they passed through beautiful valleys, breathtaking mountains and dreamy meadows on their way. The duo called the trip “life-changing”.

Qazi, who comes from the field of sports, is an experienced biker and made an excursion like this last year with his son as well. He’s now planning another road trip to Turkey via the Pakistan-Iran border. This one will be on a bike too.

If you’re a rookie who wants to travel up north on a bike too, here are somethings Qazi said you should know:

  • Choose your bike wisely. Go for a 120CC or 150CC bike. It will have your back on rough roads
  • Make sure you’re carrying some spare bike essentials such as wires and bulbs
  • Take canned food along with you. The traditional food up North is different than that of the city and maybe difficult for some to digest. Besides, dishes such as biryani and daal are expensive there as these places are tourist destinations, Qazi said.
  • Keep a first-aid box
  • If you’re adventurous and want to avoid spending a lot, take tents and sleeping bags. This way you will save up a lot of money on lodging and also enjoy nature up close
  • Make sure you have all important documents such as ID cards and licenses
  • This one is very important: be experimental and take risks. It will make your trip memorable

The duo added that they met the most helpful people on their way. Qazi had one request of the government. “The motorway should be opened for bikers as well. The road is smoother than GT Road and has less traffic,” he said.

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