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You can travel to Pakistan independently, like we did, or with a small group tour.

Many people are interested in visiting Pakistan but don’t want to go it alone. No problem, there are many options to join a small group tour with like-minded people.

In fact, for solo travellers to Pakistan, particularly women – we’d recommend this as a better option. The reason I say this is because Pakistan is a challenging destination to do on your own.

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Mark Wiens

In this Pakistan travel guide I’m going to share with you the top highlights of my 16 day trip in Pakistan.

Get ready to meet some of the most hospitable people, see some of the most spectacular natural scenery, and eat some of the most incredibly delicious (and meaty) food.

Ok, let’s move right in to the highlights of traveling in Pakistan!

He is crazy about Pakistani Food


Dearalyne, she visited Karachi and Lahore before heading to the northern part of Pakistan. She said in an interview: “She wants to know what women in Pakistan will do because the media reports are not many, which has negatively affected him, and he knows nothing about the lives of women here.”

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I’m Mansoureh

When I posted my first Instagram story, I was bombarded with a particular question: “Is Pakistan safe to visit”? Apparently, it didn’t matter if people saw me strolling happily in the beautiful mountains of Pakistan, they wanted to be reassured about my safety by asking me directly

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Alex Reynolds

I love the food in Pakistan! Food outside the home can get too oily after a while (say goodbye to vegetables, people don’t eat them often) but I love how many different dishes and different combinations of spices there are.

Even better, Pakistanis love food, and their passion for their cuisine makes it that much more fun to share meals with them. Beware, you’re going to be fed to the point of exploding. Multiple times. And there are loads of dishes to try: chapli kebab (my favorite kebab, from KP province), paaye (goat hooves), kulfi falooda (my favorite dessert), malai botti, all kinds of dal.

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Sophee Southhall

Southall shared some of her unforgettable memories in the country, one of them being eating parathas. “My time living with a family in Islamabad is an experience I’ll never forget. The house chef made the best, melt-in-your-mouth parathas I’ve ever tasted. The sunset views from the Margalla Hills were captivating, with the capital’s glistening city lights and Faisal Mosque commanding appreciation.”

However, for her, the jewel in Pakistan’s tourism crown was the journey along the Karakoram Highway. “It’s not to be missed, by locals and internationals alike.

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Eva zu Beck

And this is what pains me: in the West, we are told to fear Pakistan and Pakistanis. The reality is totally different.

On several occasions in Pakistan, I heard the heart-breaking words: “Just tell your friends and family back home that we are not bad people.” Nobody should ever have to say this to a visitor, and I still recoil when I remember these words.

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